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Our Showrooms are continiously updating our range of tiles and bathrooms. This site only offers a small selection of the huge range of tiles in stock.



Tiles are one of the best materials for repelling water. This makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The strength and durability of tiles is far greater than linoleum or carpet, so it is the perfect choice for flooring. If you tile a room that gets sun exposure, it will actually absorb heat and release it slowly at night, which cannot be said for carpet or linoleum. No other material has the presence and timeless beauty of tile. A well picked tile can be the perfect accent to existing decor and add value and classic style to any home.


What kind of tile should I use?
There are many different formats avaialble to suit different situtations, e.g.

  • Polished Porcelan - Wall and Floor Tile, high glaze, attractive, modern finish. Wall tiles used in wet-areas, popular in high-end / hotel bathrooms because matching wall and floor sets are available.
  • Porcelan Unglazed - Hard wearing, frost proof, suitable for high traffic areas, matt finish, anti-slip available.
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles - Typically for all domestic use, budget tile, very popular
  • Ceramic Wall tiles - Industry standard, 1000's of varieties.
  • Marble Tile - Natural finish, available in multi-size formats, polished or matt finish. Typically floor tiles. Porous material so simple treatment required periodically.
  • Mosaics - very actractive, wall or floor mounting, marble or porcelan, ideal for kitchen walls, walk in showers, high anti-slip properties. Attractive feature in a room. The customer can choose from a wide range of styles and colours to produce a unique design/pattern.

As well as supplying tiles and a fitting service to the domestic retail customer, we also offer an established service to apartments and housing developments, offices, shops, bar, restaurants and factories etc. Our helpful and courteous staff will do their best to help and guide you to the best tile for your application.

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