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  • For floor tiles, measure the length and breadth of the room.  For irregular sizes just measure the perimeter.  For wall tiles measure the width and height of each section to be tiled.  Then take these measurements into us and we will calculate the amount needed.
  • Allow about 8-10% extra for waste and mis-calculations.
  • If you can't decide which tile you want ask to take home a sample. It is often best considered at home as it is best compared with existing colours and ambient light.  Most samples are provided free.
  • Shading can vary between batches.  Always ensure the printed code on each box is the same.  We never mix batches unless they have been carefully cross checked.
  • Try to buy your tiles as close to the time they are to be laid. Should you need more from the same batch, they should be still available! However we still recommend that you make sure that you buy enough tiles.
  • Skimping on an extra box of tiles can prove very awkward and expensive. Always keep a box of spare tiles to allow for possible future plumbing work/repairs or/and kitchen re-designs etc.
  • Floor tiles are graded according to hardness and wear.  As a rough guide, grade 3 is suitable for domestic, grade four for light commercial (shops, offices etc.) and grade 5 for heavy traffic areas.  Porcelain tiles are typically grade five and are generally frost proof.
  • Allied Tiles is MUCH cheaper for adhesives, grout, trims and seals.
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